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Ya está disponible la actualziación 5.0.7 para Debian Lenny

Domingo, 28 noviembre 2010


ya está disponible la actualización 5.0.7 para Debian Lenny


Updated Debian GNU/Linux: 5.0.7 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the seventh update of its stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (codename “lenny”).  This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustment to serious problems.

Please note that this update does not constitute a new version of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 but only updates some of the packages included.  There is no need to throw away 5.0 CDs or DVDs but only to update via an up-to-date Debian mirror after an installation, to cause any out of date packages to be updated.

Those who frequently install updates from won’t have to update many packages and most updates from are included in this update.

New CD and DVD images containing updated packages and the regular installation media accompanied with the package archive respectively will be available soon at the regular locations.

Upgrading to this revision online is usually done by pointing the aptitude (or apt) package tool (see the sources.list(5) manual page) to one of Debian’s many FTP or HTTP mirrors.  A comprehensive list of mirrors is available at:


Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This stable update adds a few important corrections to the following packages:

Package                         Reason

base-files                      Update /etc/debian_version
bogofilter                      Fix possible heap corruption decoding base64
dar                             Rebuild against libbz2-dev 1.0.5-1+lenny1 (DSA-2112-1/CVE-2010-0405)
dpkg                            Don’t lose metadata if readdir() returns newly added files
imagemagick                     Don’t read configuration files from the current directory
kvm                             Fix segfault in MMIO subpage handling code
lastfm                          Fix insecure setting of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
libapache-authenhook-perl       Remove passwords from log messages
libgdiplus                      Fix integer overflows in BMP, JPEG and TIFF handling
libvirt                         Masquerade source ports for virtual network traffic (CVE-2010-2242)
linux-2.6                       Several fixes
mantis                          Fix cross-site scripting issues
mt-daapd                        Handle aeMK tag, required for iTunes 10
openscenegraph                  Fix DoS in embedded copy of lib3ds
perdition                       Fix 64-bit issues; fix SSL re-negotiation; don’t call make from postrm
ser2net                         Fix NULL pointer dereference
sun-java6                       Various security fixes
tor                             Import new upstream version from volatile; add compatibility with openssl security update; add new directory authority
ttf-beteckna                    Update hints file to match the shipped fonts
ttf-okolaks                     Update hints file to match the shipped fonts
tzdata                          Updated timezone data and translations
user-mode-linux                 Rebuild against linux-2.6_2.6.26-26
xen-tools                       Don’t create world-readable disk images
xorg-server                     Don’t create log world-writable; (xfvb-run) don’t pass magic xauth cookies on the command line

Please note that due to an issue with the preparation of the package, the updated linux-2.6 packages included in this point release do not incorporate the security fixes released in DSA 2110-1. DSA 2126-1, which has just been released, includes the updates from both DSA 2110-1 and the linux-2.6 packages from this point release.

Security Updates

This revision adds the following security updates to the stable release. The Security Team has already released an advisory for each of these updates:

Advisory ID        Package                 Correction(s)

DSA-1943           openldap                SSL certificate NUL byte vulnerability
DSA-1991           squid                   Denial of service
DSA-2038           pidgin                  Re-enable SILC, SIMPLE et Yahoo! Messenger protocols
DSA-2050           kdegraphics             Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2077           openldap                Potential code execution
DSA-2097           phpmyadmin              Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2098           typo3-src               Regression
DSA-2102           barnowl                 Arbitrary code execution
DSA-2103           smbind                  SQL injection
DSA-2104           quagga                  Denial of service
DSA-2105           freetype                Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2106           xulrunner               Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2107           couchdb                 Arbitrary code execution
DSA-2108           cvsnt                   Arbitrary code execution
DSA-2109           samba                   Buffer overflow
DSA-2110           user-mode-linux         Several issues
DSA-2111           squid3                  Denial of service
DSA-2112           dpkg                    Integer overflow
DSA-2112           bzip2                   Integer overflow
DSA-2113           drupal6                 Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2114           git-core                Regression
DSA-2115           moodle                  Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2116           freetype                Integer overflow
DSA-2117           apr-util                Denial of service
DSA-2118           subversion              Authentication bypass
DSA-2119           poppler                 Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2120           postgresql-8.3          Privilege escalation
DSA-2121           typo3-src               Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2122           glibc                   Local privilege escalation
DSA-2123           nss                     Cryptographic weaknesses
DSA-2124           xulrunner               Several vulnerabilities
DSA-2125           openssl                 Buffer overflow

Debian Installer

The Debian Installer has been updated to incorporate a new kernel containing a number of important fixes.

Please note that due to an issue with the preparation of the package, the updated kernel included in this release of the Installer does not incorporate the security fixes released in DSA 2110-1.  DSA 2126-1, which has just been released, includes the updates from both DSA 2110-1 and the linux-2.6 packages from this point release and will be included
in the installed system assuming that updates from the security repositories are selected during installation.


The complete lists of packages that have changed with this revision:


The current stable distribution:


Proposed updates to the stable distribution:


stable distribution information (release notes, errata etc.):


Security announcements and information:


About Debian

The Debian Project is an association of Free Software developers who volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely free operating system Debian GNU/Linux.

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